[FREE] Complete PHP OOP Concepts for Absolute Beginners + Projects



[FREE] Complete PHP OOP Concepts for Absolute Beginners + Projects

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Learn PHP OOP from Scratch: Object Oriented Programming Concepts with Examples and Projects. Learn PHP OOPS Guaranteed!


  • Learn PHP Object Oriented Programming Concepts.
  • How to Apply OOP Concept in your Project.
  • Implement OOP Concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Data Encapsulation, Data Abstraction and Overriding.
  • Learn How to Write Modular Code and Reusable Code using OOP Concepts.
  • Learn to Write Classes, Interface, Abstract Classes and Traits.
  • Learn PHP OOP with Examples, Exercises, Assignments and Quiz.
  • Understand Concepts like Magic Methods, Type Hinting, Namespaces and Dependency Injection.
  • Learn to use final, static, public, private and protected keywords.
  • Learn S.O.L.I.D - Object Oriented Principles.
  • How to Change your Procedural Programming Style to OOP Style.
  • Understand AutoLoading and Dynamic Calling with Examples.

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