Childrens Mini Makeup Set Box Toy with Safety Mirror



Childrens Mini Makeup Set Box Toy with Safety Mirror

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1: How to use nail polish: Firstly fix the uneven nail with a nail clipper. Spread the middle part of the nail to the fingertips and spread it to the sides. Dry it and apply it for the second time.

2: How to use lipstick: first apply a layer of lipstick so that it can not only better protect our lips, but also make the color of lipstick more vivid. From the inside and the outside, apply a little bit on the upper and lower lips and evenly apply it. Cover the face towel quickly, and immediately release it so that it can be tightly combined with the skin of the lips.

3: Blush use method: keep the princess-like charming smile. Use the blush brush to swipe the rouge on the smiley muscle of the little face. Describe the natural blush. The princess-like beauty can be formed initially.

4: Eye shadow use method: use the eye shadow brush to take the right amount of eye shadow. Close the eye. Gently brush the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.




Packaging Details
  • Unit Type:piece
  • Package Weight:0.397kg (0.875lb)
  • Package Size:15.8cm x 11.8cm x 10cm (6.22in x 4.65in x 3.94in)
Packing List

6 * Eye Shadow
6 * Lip Gloss
3 * Blush
2 * Lipstick
3 * Nail Polish
2 * Brush

Product Attribute
Model Number : 8880006
Warning : NO
Age Range : 5-7 Years
Theme : Occupations

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