Dine With the Local in Phnom Penh

Dine With the Local in Phnom Penh

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Posted 9 months ago by PQU
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About host Vannak Khun in Phnom Penh

Vannak Khun is an artist and photographer, living and working in his place in walking distance from the Central Market. His photographs are a dialogue between the modern life and the desires of Khmer people. His house is decorated with his wooden sculptures.

The menu

Fried chicken with ginger: a famous dish for a reason, but smey makes it more delicious by using best chicken mean and fresh ginger which is full of flavor.
Sngor Chrouk Trey: Fish soup with onion
Chha Banleh: Fried mixed vegetable
Fresh Fruit: as a dessert - as usual all over Indochina- you get fresh seasonal fruit. Some may just come from garden and trees , other from the market , depending on availability n season.

What to expect

Enjoy a chat with a talented artist about art in Cambodia, the contemporary art scene, his approach to art and photography and what Vannak Khun wants to achieve. Look at the small exhibition of sculptures in his home.

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